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Dr. Jain's Story

I became interested in weight loss because of my own struggles starting from childhood. I was “chubby” for as long as I can remember and actually met criteria for childhood obesity at age 10, at which time my mother started taking me to Weight Watcher’s. I was the youngest child that ever enrolled in our local chapter. My childhood was filled with embarrassment about my weight. When the sports teams were divided into skins versus shirts I was terrified that I’d have to take off my shirt, and I never accepted invitations to pool parties for the same reason. Having to buy clothes in the Husky section of the store was a recurring humiliation as well. My fitness improved in my teens but became a struggle again with the stress and long hours of starting my own private practice in Ob/ Gyn. Being up late at night doing deliveries in the hospital meant constantly being exposed to snacks and foods when my resistance was at its lowest. I was working over 100 hours per week and the combination of stress, fatigue and eating opportunities was too difficult to resist.

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I gained 50 lbs over the course of 2 years and for the first time had high blood pressure, higher blood sugar and my feet and back would be killing me by the end of the day. I would get home and fall asleep on the sofa waking up long enough to eat dinner before falling asleep again. My cue to stop eating at dinner was experiencing physical discomfort and having to unbelt my pants which disgusted me but I couldn’t stop because I never felt full. After our first child was born, I remember looking in the mirror wondering what I had become. I couldn’t imagine having the energy to keep up with him and I realized that I had to make things better or I would never be the father I wanted to be. I started looking at the science of weight loss and decided to find out as much as I could about weight loss and fitness. In helping myself I lost over 50 pounds and I learned techniques I felt I could share with others, which I have done now for the past 12 years after creating Medislim. We have helped 1000s of patients reach their goals, and I take great pride in helping people look and feel their best as well as avoiding the medical problems that go along with obesity.

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