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Patient on Scale

Patient Testimonials
See what real patients are saying about their success with medical weight loss!

Michael Patton before and after.jpg

Michael P.

8/29/18 - 8/14/19

I started working with Dr. Jain and the Medislim team in September of 2018 weighing in at 265 pounds, terrible health, sleep apnea and body aches from carrying so much weight around. Watching my diet and the supplements I received from the Medislim program the weight started to drop. The entire team at Medislim are fantastic. Every person is encouraging and positive with their comments and desire to help all reach their goals.  On the weeks where  the scales ticked up slightly, they were quick with a reminder that a set back is not the end, and to trust the process.  And it worked for me and it will for you too.

Lost +60 pounds!

Bonnie C before and after.jpg

Bonnie C.

5/8/19 - 9/25/19

When I started with Medislim I had tried every diet imaginable, weight watchers, Keto, etc etc but nothing provided the success that I have experienced with Medislim!  My goal was 80 lbs and I reached that goal almost 1 year ago and have kept the weight off!  I’m not suggesting I didn’t have a few ups, to have downs, but with the support and continued guidance from everyone at the Medislim office it shaped my eating habits into maintainable and an achievable, lifestyle!  

Lost +50 pounds!

Jennifer Reed before and after.jpg

Jennifer R.

6/21/19 - 5/13/20

Medislim has given me the tools to work the plan they have given me successfully. 


I love the accountability that weighing in weekly gives me to allow me to keep on track.


I love the staff, I feel like they genuinely are wanting and cheering you on to succeed.


It has changed my life and my outlook on food and exercise!!

Lost +80 pounds!

Andrea F Before and After.jpg

Andrea F.

6/1/16 - 11/6/19

Lost +60 pounds!

Kelly G before and after.jpg

Kiley G.

10/25/17 - 9/17/19

Lost +100 pounds!

Kristy B. .jpg

Kristy B. 

06/09/20 - 5/26/21

Lost +64 pounds!

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