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High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) & weight loss

One day, I approached Dr. Jain with complains of being stuck. My first question to him was “what can I do to start losing weight again?” His answer was simple…..go do a crazy hard cardio class and kick it back in gear. So, I went to my first HIIT class!

I will be honest, it was not easy and I was hating myself for the entirety of the class, but once it was finished I felt so proud of myself! I even returned to the class for weeks after, even though I REALLY had to talk myself in to it every morning.

You’re probably asking yourself if Dr. Jains advice helped at all……seriously, lol, of course it did! It helped push my weight loss back in gear, got me over that plateau, and I started seeing those smaller numbers quickly!!

Here are a few facts about HIIT:

  • Even without inducing weight loss, exercise training such as HIIT can reduce both total and visceral fat mass.

  • HIIT can reduce the duration of exercise while exerting the same fat-reducing effect.

  • Short-duration HIIT regimens are effective at reducing abdominal fat, indicating that they exert a positive effect on adipose tissue.

  • HIIT-related fat loss may be due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which is the amount of oxygen a person’s body uses while exercising.

If you’re interested in trying a HIIT class, check out your local gym or community center! It’s really a fun and upbeat class! If you are more of a solo, work out at home kind of person then check out this video!!

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