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How to use a jump rope for weight loss

First of all, the benefits to jump roping are pretty cool!

1. You burn calories quick!! It’s right up there with running, cycling and swimming!

2. It’s the perfect level of impact.

3. It’s a full body workout!

4. It improves balance and agility.

How to get started

What you’ll need for the most effective jump rope workout:

✔️ The right rope: The most important thing you need to jump rope is, obviously, a jump rope. There are many inexpensive models on the market, but you’re looking for one with free spinning handles and an adjustable length. The weight of the rope should also be substantial enough so that you feel it when it goes over your head and under your feet.

✔️ Lightweight shoes: You’ll also need a comfortable pair of lightweight shoes. You’ll be jumping on the balls of your feet, so make sure the front part of the shoe is comfortable (too much cushioning in the heel can throw you off balance.

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