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Substituting with Greek Yogurt

Yogurt can be a tricky food item :) Some people love it, while others think it's truly disgusting. I happen to LOVE yogurt! And here is the don't have to eat yogurt just for breakfast. You can cook with, make tasty dips with it, or even toss into a recipe to substitute for sour cream or milk! Your possibilities are endless, if only you take the time to be creative!

With the Medislim diet, you can incorporate yogurt in your diet 2 different ways. Regular yogurt is considered a dairy product and will fall into your milk servings. Remember, you only have 1 serving of milk per day, so if you are a milk drinker.... you don't want to ruin your day with a regular cup of yogurt! Greek yogurt in my opinion is the way to go! It falls into your protein category. We have 8 servings of protein per day, so utilize the protein rich foods. According to the diet, 12 grams of protein = 2 protein exchanges!

Greek yogurt is not only tasty and comes in a huge variety of flavors but it's also high in calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and riboflavin. Greek yogurt is super high in protein which is very beneficial for weight loss!

I hate attached a few recipes, and if you're interested in more, please let me know! I have never tried the Frozen Greek Vanilla Yogurt (but I will be!) But I have tried the dips! Years ago, my best friend and I were making dinner and she needed ranch dressing. I watched her add ranch dressing mix to Greek yogurt and thought.... (Oh my gosh! She has lost her mind!) Only to find out she knew exactly what she was doing! She is very health conscious and tries incorporating typical everyday foods, but in a healthier manner. She had me try her ranch dressing and I was impressed!

One last tip! If you're in Walmart or Sam's Club, go to the yogurt section and look for these Greek Yogurt Bars. The vanilla is my favorite. They are $1 each, and so good! I may have also shared these with the office and now have them all hooked as well :) It's fast, cheap, convenient and covered in a thin layer of chocolate.... can you ask for anything more?!

Click the link below to find even more ways to substitute Greek yogurt into your meals!

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