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Meal Prepping with Mason Jars!

Meal prepping is one of the best things you can do to stay organized through the week and to keep yourself accountable when dieting or just simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Mason jar meals, in my opinion, are the best way to meal prep!! Not only do they store easily in the refrigerator and keep food longer, but they are also super convenient even if you’re eating your lunch on the run!

Years ago, I worked in an autism clinic and some of my kiddos were very active and always on the move! This job didn’t leave a lot of time for lunches and when attempting to eat healthy meals….I really struggled. This was until I found an article on Pinterest about mason jar meal prepping! With this new tool, I was taking all kinds of fresh fruits & vegetables to work, including salads! If I had to drop my lunch quickly to help a client, I was able to do so without spilling my lunch! I also found that it helped instill better eating habits for my husband and daughter!

If you’re able to use mason jar prepping for all meals of the day, I think that’s awesome! I typically only used them for breakfast, snacks and lunches. And as a bonus, depending on your ingredients, these meals typically last 5 to 7 days!! (And I never dealt with rotten fruit when using this method! Convenience goes a long way when you have hungry teens!)


The proper way to layer your mason jar meals:

1. Start with ingredients like salsa, hummus or salad dressing

2. Then add hard fruits or vegetables

3. Then add protein

4. Followed by soft fruits or vegetables

5. If you’re using nuts, put them on top

6. If you’re making a salad, make sure you add greens to the top

I always kept mine pretty basic. And if you find the small disposable cups with lids, you can also tuck them inside if you need something to dip your fruits or vegetables in.

· Breakfast egg quiches

· Overnight oats

· Carrots and celery

· Berries (grapes, strawberries, blueberries…)

· Cheese cubes

· Salads (any variety)

· Mixed fruits / mixed vegetables

· Sliced apples / watermelon / pineapple


Here are some recipe ideas!!

Breakfast Mason Jar Meals

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10 Dinner Mason Jar Meals

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