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No Junk Food 30 Day Challenge!

Junk food is one of the biggest impediments to weight loss. Chips, ice cream, and fast food are high in calories but low in nutrients, meaning they cause weight gain without nutritional benefit. Create a weight loss challenge to cut back on or eliminate junk food for 30 days in favor of healthier snack foods.

If you need some suggestions, here are 9 healthy brain food snacks!

1. Egg sandwich with cheese and greens made with whole wheat bread

2. An omelet with some salad and whole wheat bread

3. Some peanuts or walnuts and some dried berries, prunes or a kiwi, an apple or plums

4. A sandwich with whole-grain bread, fish fillet, and greens

5. A salad with fish fillet and peanuts and dried berries and corn

6. A sandwich with whole-grain bread, soya or regular cheese, and greens

7. Yogurt with walnuts and apple, plums, or berries

8. Milk with oats and dried berries

9. Yogurt with whole wheat brans and apple or prunes or dried/ fresh berries

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