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A Home Fit for Weight Loss

How to make your home a sanctuary for diet and weight loss in Crawfordsville

Though you may think that your weight loss center in Crawfordsville is the most important location for your weight loss progress, this is not necessarily the case. Dr. Jain and the MediSlim team will give you the tools you need for your healthy diet and weight loss, but your home is where you’ll use those tools most often. This makes a healthy home an essential part of successful weight loss.

Home is where we cook and eat many of our meals; it’s where we sleep, relax and recuperate; it’s where we go to don our workout gear and prep for exercise. Most of us spend a significant time in our homes, even if it seems that time is always spent getting ready to run out the door. By turning your home into an optimal place to lose weight, you can support your weight loss efforts by making it easier to always make healthy decisions.

Accomplishing this may take time and adjustment, but you can start with two simple steps:

Step One: Clear Out the Bad

Do you still have junk food lingering in your kitchen? Do fatty, sugar-filled treats call out to you from your pantry, cupboards and fridge? Keeping these tempting and unhealthy foods around is like playing with fire—eventually, in a moment of weakness, they will burn you by enticing you into breaking your diet.

To lift this burden, clear your home of any foods that don’t meet the demands of your weight loss diet. Get rid of anything that might tempt you into a bad dietary decision. Your children, spouse or roommates may oppose this step if they don’t share similar healthy goals, but you can reach a compromise. Just ask them to keep these unhealthy items out of sight and out of mind—if you don’t know about them, they won’t be able to tempt you.

Step Two: Bring in the Good

Once you’ve made some room getting rid of the bad stuff, it’s time to fill it with the foods that will help you make the most of your diet and weight loss. If you’re on a meal replacement program, this means your OPTIFAST products, but it may also mean the fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins that make the backbone of any healthy diet after medical weight loss.

Of course, diet isn’t the only important aspect of weight loss—you’ll need to make exercise a consistent part of your life as well. At-home exercise equipment can make it easier to fit a workout in when you’re unmotivated or unable to hit the gym. Try keeping barbells, resistance bands or a yoga mat near your TV to fit a few reps in every day as you watch your favorite shows. If you have a spare room, it can be converted into a handy exercise room.

Readying your home for diet and weight loss is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated and on track. How else have you made your home perfect for medical weight loss? Share your strategies in the comments below.

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