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Benefits of Strength Training

If you’re not strength training, then you’re missing out! Keep reading to learn why strength training is beneficial at any age.

· Increasing muscle mass increases metabolism which keeps your body burning more calories throughout the day.

· Want to lose that stubborn belly fat? Strength training has been proven in preventing abdominal fat gain better than cardiovascular exercise. Additionally, abdominal fat increases cardiovascular health risk, therefore strength training helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

· Strength training helps the muscles take in and use blood sugar better. This means better overall blood sugar control.

· Strength training makes you stronger physically and mentally. It’s been proven that strength training not only strengthens your muscles but your tendons and ligaments too which helps prevent injuries. Additionally in the same way runners experience a running high, strength training helps clear away anxieties and depression.

· In a recent study strength training was linked to increased brain function and longevity in older adults, most likely related to increased circulation of oxygen and nutrients.

· Finally, another study showed that muscle strength and lean muscle mass may serve as better measures of a person's overall health than body mass index or BMI.

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