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Build Muscle, Lose Weight

More and more people are turning to strength training in order to accomplish their workout goals, and for good reason. Strength training is the best way to build muscle and burn fat; giving you the ripped physique you covet.

In the world of fitness and weight loss, cardio activities like running, biking and swimming get most of the attention. But for those who dread the idea of walking in place for miles, the treadmill isn’t going to be much help as you try to stay motivated and on track with diet and weight loss in Crawfordsville. Increasing your activity will help with your medical weight loss goals, but there is an entire world of fitness outside of the cardio room at the gym that you can explore as you lose weight.

Strength training is a great way to diversify your workout routine. With strength training, you can start out small by lifting light weights and gradually work your way up as you tone muscle and build strength.

Here are 5 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Workout Plan:

  1. Strength training burns more calories than low-intensity cardio. Cardio might burn more calories while working out, but your fat burning stops almost right when the workout ends. Strength training causes your metabolism to ramp up for up to 36 hours after the workout, helping you burn calories for days (literally).

  2. Strength training builds muscle. By customizing a strength training routine, you can focus on toning muscles so you can accomplish a slender, not bulky look.

  3. Strength training can be fun. Running on a treadmill can get boring in a hurry. Strength training workouts offer the benefit of switching up movements every few minutes, so they can prevent boredom.

  4. Strength training leads to shorter workouts. Since strength training workouts are intense, they do not need to be as long as low-intensity cardio workouts.

  5. Strength training can be done anywhere. Don’t have access to a gym? No problem. You can perform strength training in the comfort of your own home. Resistance bands and light hand weights are inexpensive and can be stored in a closet or under the bed.

Cardio workouts are great for weight loss, but they are not the only way to get in shape. For the best results, try switching up your workout routine throughout the week, engaging in both types of activities as often as you can. This will give you the boost of a sweaty fat-burning cardio workout with the added benefit of a revved metabolism from weight lifting.

When you are ready to start working out, talk with your medical weight loss specialist Dr. Jain to make sure these activities are OK for you.

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