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Chickpea..... Garbanzo.... What?!

I only learned about chickpeas a few ago. Again, one of those foods that used to make me overthink....

Here's the deal, it's just a bean. These bad boys can be tossed in seasoning and thrown in the oven for a healthy toasted snack! They can be mashed up and served as hummus! They can be served in a salad as a splash of color and protein! And for our vegetarian friends, they can even be manipulated into the form of a burger! Honestly, whatever the form, I have always loved chickpeas!

They are high in fiber, protein, manganese, folate, phosphorus & copper! They do fall into the protein category, so remember that ½ cup = 1 serving

Now, stop judging until you give it a try :) Be careful during first attempt was a flop and my house smelled like burnt popcorn for the rest of the afternoon :)

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