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Creating a personalized workout routine

Weight loss can be a tricky thing. What works for one person does not mean it’s going to work for you. This means you must figure out YOUR routine. Listed below are 4 ways to create a personalized weight loss plan!

1. Identify your weight loss goals – Assess your current weight and set realistic goals. Set short term and long-term goals so you don’t get discouraged. Weight loss takes time, so setting yourself up for success is key. Remember, these goals are not hard deadlines, stay on track and stay motivated.

2. Optimize your grocery list – Ask yourself: What is the nutrition value of this item? Will I want to eat this once it’s prepared? Is there a healthier alternative? Focus on whole foods and avoid processed foods with high sugar, salt, and/or fat content. Don’t be afraid of eating or having an appetite, focus on foods that are good for you and helps you feel great vs sluggish and tired.

3. Stick to a fitness routine you enjoy – To get the most out of your weight loss, a strong fitness routine is really the secret you’re looking for. To burn fat, you need to build muscle. Cardio helps with burning off calories, but weight lifting will be your best bet. A fitness routine doesn’t require daily gym time, simply pick out 3-4 days out of the week to push yourself and then take advantage of the rest of the week to recover and heel.

4. Track and adjust – Tracking your progress is so important, so be sure to reflect back on your logs. If you’ve been measuring waist, chest, arms and legs measure again and look at the difference. Take before and after pictures to see a visual difference. Most importantly, don’t focus to hard on a specific number, especially if that number seems impossible to reach and even more impossible to maintain. If you are feeling healthy and happy, don’t stress that you’re not able to lose those last 4 pounds. Find a number range you can maintain, and make that your adjusted goal if you need to.

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