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Developing a Healthy Diet

Maintaining weight loss long-term doesn’t happen with a simple diet. Too many people know firsthand the pitfalls of fad diets. You may lose weight, but before you even have a chance to head out for a smaller pair of pants the bulge is back. Yo-yo diets, the popular term used to describe the constant back and forth of weight gain and loss, actually pose potential dangers to your health. Instead of losing weight one week only to gain it back the next, focus on keeping weight off long term by changing the way you think about dieting.

Di-et (Noun or Verb)

A lot of people use the word diet as a verb: “I am dieting for the beach this summer,” or “my doctor has recommended that I diet.” In this context a diet is all about imposing limitations for weight loss, but there is actually a lot more to the term. As a noun, diet refers to the nutritious qualities of an item of food, as well as a habitual pattern of consumption.

Losing weight is about so much more than aesthetic gains. Too many people overlook the health aspects of weight loss when they talk about diets. Sure, fitting into a smaller pair of jeans for an upcoming reunion is a great feeling—but so is reducing your risk of developing type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

When you are thinking about your diet, don’t focus on the limitations that you are imposing. Instead, think about the way that your diet or meal plan is affecting your health. Habitually, are you eating a diet made up of foods that are helping you to power through your day, or are you getting caught in the fast food trap? Changing how you perceive your weight loss plan can make a big difference in your long-term weight management.

It is time for a Change in Attitude

Transitioning to a healthier diet is a big change, and with any change it does not help to focus on what you are leaving behind. Stop thinking about the fast-foods or desserts that you are missing out on and think instead about all of the nutrients that are packed into one serving of your meal replacements. A lot of times you will find that your smaller meal replacement actually has more nutrients than an entire value meal—think about all of the health benefits that you are gaining!

Maintaining weight loss is a long-term affair. You must be up for making permanent lifestyle changes that include healthier eating habits, increased exercise and a variety of lifestyle changes. Simply altering the way that you perceive a diet is one step towards living a healthier lifestyle.

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