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Diet and Weight Loss to the MAX

When you first started out with your

diet and weight loss routine, even a simple workout probably felt fresh and invigorating. Walking a mile around the block was a challenge, every yoga pose came with new obstacles to overcome and making it through a full hour of your cardio class was a long-term goal. But now you can get through that course in a breeze, and the last time you walked a mile around your neighborhood you didn’t even break a sweat.

These are the sure-tale signs of a workout plateau, and if you aren’t careful they could lead to a halt in your weight loss process—or even the start of weight regain.

When this happens it is time to boost your workout intensity. While you might think of this as another obstacle, it is really a compliment to your current workout efforts. You’ve pushed yourself so far that something that was once a challenge is now a piece of cake. Reward yourself by creating new goals and pushing yourself even farther than you originally anticipated.

Note: Before introducing or changing your workout routine consult with your doctor who will advise you on setting appropriate intensity goals for your current health.

Tips to Boost Your Workout Intensity

As you continue to focus on diet and weight loss in Crawfordsville, boosting your workout intensity is only going to help you reach your ultimate health and wellness goals.

Here are a few strategies that you can use to boost your workout intensity:

  1. Note the time. The more you go to the gym the more likely you are to start making friends while you are there. However, if you find that you are spending more time chatting and less time working, then you could find yourself at a fitness plateau despite the fact that you are at the gym for an hour a day. Watch the clock and make sure you are working out the entire time you are there.

  2. Try intervals. If walking is your workout of choice then interval training will be simple to incorporate. After ten minutes of walking your regular routine, push yourself to run or at least jog for five full minutes before returning to your former pace. As you go along try adding more jogging to your workout until you can manage to jog your whole route.

  3. Mix it up. One workout just isn’t going to cut it. To engage all of the muscles in your body you need to try different activities. Add a strength training component to your cardio routine, or mix up your standard walking workout with a fitness class once or twice a week.

What other ways have you been able to mix up your fitness routine to push past a weight loss plateau? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.

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