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Happy 2023!! So, what's your resolution??

It's that time of year again.....what is your new year resolution and how are you going to be successful with that goal?

It doesn't matter what your resolutions are, we all need tips to keep those goals on track. For the next 14 weeks I will post a new tip to hopefully assist with your goals!

First of all, BE SPECIFIC! Try to avoid setting broad goals, when you are specific this helps define your goals, thus making them more attainable.

Examples of broad goals....

  • I want to lose a ton a weight!

  • I want to look good in the mirror.

  • I want to feel better.

Here are some better, defined goals.

  • I would like to exercise at least 30 mins per day, five days per week

  • My goal is to lose at least 2 pounds per week for the next 10 weeks

  • I would like to run a 5K without stopping by the end of summer

Notice that these goals are not only specific, but also measurable. This helps your mind focus on a tangible end-goal as you go through your weight loss routine. Whether you are trying to exercise more, go on a diet, or use a combination of both, setting specific goals will help you create a target to shoot for. You will increase your chances of achieving weight loss success when it comes to your New Year's resolution.

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