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Here's another resolution! Hydrate constantly!

A great way to help you find New Year’s resolution weight loss success is to hydrate constantly. Unfortunately, many people carry a chronic water deficit. This can cause you to feel tired, impact your metabolic rate, and could affect your cardiovascular system as well. If you have made a New Year’s resolution for weight loss, try to carry a bottle of water with you at all times. Even though it might be hard to drink water regularly, make an effort to drink water with all of your meals. This will prevent you from drinking sugary beverages such as soda or sports drinks. Individuals who drink water regularly will consume fewer calories because they feel full as a result, according to Obesity (Silver Spring).

Another medical study took a look at more than 9,500 people who suffered from a chronic water deficit. The researchers found that those who carry a chronic water deficit are more likely to have issues with their weight than those who remain adequately hydrated, say authors published in the Annals of Family Medicine. Individuals who drank water regularly were more likely to find success in their weight-loss goals.

Drinking water should be an essential part of your weight loss plan. It will improve almost every organ system’s overall health, displace liquid calories in your diet, and help you consume fewer calories. Remember, you need to drink extra water if you workout. If you don’t drink enough water during your workout routines, you might start to feel your muscles cramp up, making you more likely to get hurt. To drink enough water throughout the day, make sure to keep a water bottle at your desk, in your purse, or your car. This will help you reach your New Year’s resolution weight-loss goals.

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