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Is tabata a good way to lose weight?

When I found this title as a potential topic I was excited because I have personally used a Tabata timer for my workouts and found it to be really helpful. I had NO idea it’s a whole thing though!

If you’re interested in reading ALL about Tabata, click the link below.

For a more personal opinion on Tabata, keep reading 😊

My gym buddy showed me how to use a Tabata timer and it was a game changer in the gym! Simply put, you work for 20 secs at a time as you cycle through workouts of your choice, resting 10 seconds between each workout, and then 30 secs at the end of a cycle.

We would start out by choosing a few workouts, how many cycles are expected and putting the information in to a timer. Say you would do: Jumping Jacks, Squats & Crunches. Then you do

  • Jumping jacks for 20 secs

  • Rest 10 secs

  • Squats for 20 secs

  • Rest for 10 secs

  • Crunches for 20 secs

  • Then rest for 30

  • THEN START THE CYCLE AGAIN! Repeat as many times as you’d like.

I personally enjoy the Tabata because it takes the counting out of the equation for me. It gives audible tones alerting when you are almost finished and 100% complete. I also like it when I am feeling like I can’t push any farther, but then I see the timer has 10 seconds left. It really helps motivate me and push me to the finish! Afterall, it’s the little things in life 😊

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