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Keep that new year resolution going!

Another important tip you need to follow if you would like to be successful with your New Year’s resolution is to stay away from added sugars. Unfortunately, many companies decide to add sugar to foods and drinks they produce because it makes them taste better. Even though people think about soda and candy as things they need to avoid, not everyone realizes that many everyday staples such as milk and bread also have sugar in them. Even fruit juice, which some people think is healthy, has a tremendous amount of added sugar.

If you want to be successful in losing weight, you need to stay away from added sugar. Medical studies have shown that consuming added sugar can lead to long-term metabolic issues, which can inhibit your weight-loss goals. Even food that is promoted as organic or healthy can be very high in sugar. As a result, read the nutrition labels before you decide to purchase anything.

In addition, foods that contain refined sugars tend to be incredibly low in fiber. This means your body can digest the carbohydrates quickly. Medical studies in Nutrition Reviews have shown that these types of refined sugars are only able to keep you full for a short amount of time. If you are looking for something to consume instead of refined sugar, aim for complex carbohydrates. These include quinoa, barley, and oats. You can also target vegetables such as potatoes and carrots that contain complex carbohydrates. These foods will keep you full for longer. Of course, they also have many more nutrients than foods made up mostly of simple sugars.

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