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Keep the Holiday Party Healthy!

Holiday parties can make weight loss difficult. Here are some helpful tips to enjoy the party without expanding your waistline.

· Don’t arrive hungry. Eat healthfully as you normally do throughout the day, don’t try to save up all your calories for the party. This will leave you starving by the time the party starts and you’ll end up eating way more than you would have.

· Don’t drink your calories. Enjoying a cocktail or calorie-filled drink is okay, but don’t over indulge. If you’re planning on drinking at the party, get at least 30 minutes of exercise earlier in the day to help offset the extra calories.

· If you can, preplan what you’re going to eat. If you know the menu beforehand you can plan out your strategy and stay on track.

· Make a lap around the tables before you commit it to your plate. See what all is offered as this will help you make wiser decisions as you begin to fill your plate.

· Every bite counts so don’t graze about! Take a plate and fill it up, but only eat what you put on the plate. This helps you have a better visual of what you’re consuming.

· Fill up on healthier foods first, but remember nothing is off limits. Make the best decisions you can with the choices that are available.

· Be present! Don’t mindlessly munch. Enjoy the festivities and conversations, but stay present with what you’re putting in your mouth.

· Don’t feel obligated to sample everything, or eat everything you put on your plate.

· If you can, be the host or offer to bring a dish. Hosting a party allows you to put out healthier food options and feel more in control. Bringing a dish ensures you there will be at least one thing you will feel comfortable eating.

· Always be drinking water! Water will help you feel fuller, plus it gives your hands something to hold on to. Sometimes we get awkward in social settings and feel the need to munch because we don’t know what to do with our hands. Holding a glass of water keeps your hands busy and drinking the water helps keep your mouth busy and your belly full. It’s a win-win!

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