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Kitchen Gadgets....How the heck do I use this air fryer...?

In light of the previous blog about the instapot, I felt compelled to also include the air fryer. My dad is OBSESSED with his air fryer. Seriously, we talk on the phone every weekend, and without fail, he will tell me what is on their air fryer menu for the day! The food items he would throws in there, amazes me! Poultry, ravioli, vegetables.... the list goes on!

So as a gift, he sent us our very own air fryer! I mentioned people being scared of their instapots.... that's how I felt about the air fryer :) Not only does this device "fry" but you can bake, roast, reheat, dehydrate & broil! You can control the time and temperature with a cute little knob.... and I had no idea how to use the darn thing!

So, to keep life a little more simple, how about another chart to put on the inside of your cabinet doors for easy access!

It really is an awesome kitchen gadget! Tasty food without all the oil, fat and calories.... you can't go wrong!

Need more info?! Click this link :)

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