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Make time for exercise! Your new year resolution is counting on it!

If you want to achieve New Year’s resolution weight loss success, you need to make sure you are making time in your day to exercise. If you only try to exercise when you have spare time, you will never make it happen. This could hinder your weight-loss goals. Instead, start waking up one hour earlier. That way, you know you will have time to exercise. Even though you may think you need to exercise vigorously to lose weight, this is not necessarily the case. Even though it’s a good idea to perform different exercises if you attempt to get in shape, something as simple as walking in the morning will help you burn calories.

Research agrees. For example, one study in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders showed that walking only 30 minutes per day can help achieve your weight-loss goals. Walking regularly can also help boost your mood, keeping you in the right mindset regarding your weight loss targets. In one study, participants were asked to walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes per session. After 10 days, every participant reported that their mood had improved, as per research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The results of this study suggest that engaging in exercise, such as walking for only 30 minutes per day, can dramatically help you improve your mindset.

If you have joint pain, asthma, or other conditions that might prevent you from exercising vigorously, try getting up an hour earlier to walk. Even though walking might not help you run a marathon, it can help you burn calories. At the same time, you will only find time to walk if you schedule this into your day. Set your alarm clock for one hour earlier and get up to walk in the morning. If you need a little bit of extra motivation, see if someone else in your family (or someone in the neighborhood) will get up and walk with you. That way, you can hold each other accountable and walk the path to your weight-loss goals.

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