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Men vs Women.....Weight Loss FAQs!

Whether you want to trim down for aesthetic or health reasons, it’s important to set realistic goals about how much weight you should lose and how fast you should lose it.

Losing weight too fast by drastically undereating can damage your body, for example by causing deficiencies or decreasing your muscle mass. Fast weight loss can also be unsustainable and often leads to yo-yo dieting as a result.

Focus on making small, sustainable lifestyle changes that will lead to weight loss and improved health is a much better and long-lasting approach to weight loss.

When setting out to lose weight, it’s also important to remember that health looks different for everybody. Being flexible with your weight loss goals and coming at it from a health first approach means you will be able to reach a weight that is healthy for you, and at a sustainable pace.

Over the next few weeks I am going to cover frequently asked questions in regards to weight loss for both men and women, PLUS tips to help both genders!

The big question.....Do women really lose weight differently than men?!

Basically, the answer is Yes....and No.

The fact is, men tend to lose weight quicker than women, but over time this loss does usually event out.

Men lose weight quicker because they usually have more muscle, while women tend to carry more fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so it is very possible for men to burn more calories at rest than women.

Because men are larger than women on average and have more muscle to support, men can usually eat more calories while still losing weight, compared to women. Portion control may be especially important for women.

For now, the biggest take your portion sizes, stay active and don't underestimate yourself! Male or female, weight loss is possible! Don't fret about the timeline, just stay focused on your success!

Next week we will cover environmental & personal factors that can influence your weight loss!

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