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Practicing Self-Care during Weight Loss

Weight loss…. or a new lifestyle can be taxing, but there are ways to make it easier and less stressful! Life is too short to not practice a little self-care!! Keep reading for tips on self-care during YOUR weight loss journey!

  • Create a morning routine

  • Write down or say out loud something you are grateful for and something you like about yourself. Practicing gratitude is important.

  • Slow down and take a break. The day can take on a life of its own. Make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee and take a fifteen-minute break at least once a day. This gives you time to relax and helps you resume your workday in a better frame of mind.

  • Do something for you every day. Maybe this means reading for fifteen minutes, watching an episode of your favorite sitcom, or taking a brisk walk. Whatever it is you enjoy the most, take the time to do it.

  • Step up your skincare game. Our skin changes as we lose weight. Now is a great time to commit to a skincare regimen to practice during your nightly routine. Even if it is just a three-minute regimen of cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer, your skin will look healthier.

  • Monitor what you take in. We are bombarded by negative influences all day long – from the radio to television media to our social media platforms. Whether you know it, that negativity can affect you.

  • Go to bed at a decent time. Getting enough rest is self-care at its finest.

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