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Real Fruit, Real Oatmeal, Real Good! *Quaker Oats

As a kid my dad used to work for Quaker Oats, so oatmeal was pretty much a staple in our house. But a girl can only handle so much oatmeal! Of course, you have the variety packs of different fruity flavors.... but even then, it gets old!

As an adult I rarely bought oatmeal, thus depriving my own child of the joys of a warm breakfast consisting of fruity flavored Quaker Oat's oatmeal.

But then the world started going crazy with the idea of this "Overnight Oatmeal" breakfast. I was not impressed, and honestly smh at the thought :) Until I came across a few really tasty looking posts on Pinterest. I don't have the specific recipe handy as I altered the recipe to accommodate my own palate, but I encourage you to research and try some of your own! The oats that I make occasionally include steel oats, a few cherries, a little bit of honey, just a bit of 1% milk (more is added in the morning) and possibly a dash of salt. Again, I reworked this until I found a flavor I enjoyed, so don't be afraid to try something totally new!

Remember that oats will fall into the breads/starches category, so moderation is key here! Oats are a good source of fiber, manganese, phosphorus, copper and protein! The big key word here is protein. Breakfasts consisting of protein helps maintain your appetite through the day!

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