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Setbacks & obstacles and how to overcome them

Setbacks and obstacles are a part of life and unfortunately a part of weight loss, but maneuvering around them is the key!

Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is important to improve your health!

If you're feeling discouraged about losing weight, try these simple ideas:

Eliminate negative words.

Negative words create negative emotions, which further affect your self-esteem and can cause feelings of guilt.

Use positive affirmations.

Promoting positive self-talk is more powerful than you think. Try using a phrase such as: Be patient. Success takes time.

Resist the snowball effect.

If you approach a setback, change the way you handle it. Don’t let one day ruin your entire week. Each new day creates a fresh start. Focus on each new baby step of improvement you make, such as fitting in exercise that day or trying a new low-calorie recipe.

Surround yourself with positive people.

There will always be people with negative feedback in your life. Instead of feeding into their negativity, choose to surround yourself with positive people who only lift you up, and support you and your goals.

Wanting to lose weight or have a healthier lifestyle is a positive action to take. Don’t let negativity get in your way of creating a better version of yourself. Stay positive and realistic to reach your goals, and be happy with the progress you have made.

By Mayo Clinic Health System staff

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