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Stress: What it does to your body. How to avoid it.

We all have with stress in our lives, it's unavoidable. But how we manage that stress is so important!!

And FYI: If you're stress level is too high...this can hinder your weight loss!

If stress is a constant struggle for you, it is important to know what long term effects it can take on your health and how to guard yourself against it! Excessive pressure can lead to bleeding gums, skin problems, headaches and heart palpitations. Some ways to help combat stress is to eat a healthy diet rich in B vitamins, getting regular exercise, specifically aerobics that will strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Making that transition to a minimal stressed life can be very difficult, so here are a few ideas to help lower your stress and give you more mental clarity!

1. Cut out the bad stuff.

Stress pushes to you crave "comfort foods" but these foods are typically high in

fats and cholesterol causing artery damage which can lead to heart attacks

and stroke. The same goes for tobacco and alcohol.

If you feel compelled to pick up a cookie or a cigarette, try to substitute with

exercise or meditation.

2. Focus on better sleep.

7-9 hours of sleep is generally recommended for adults. This is a difficult task

for most of us, but here are some tips to help you succeed.

Put a stop to emails, texting and other electronic devices at least an hour

before bedtime to ensure a deeper sleep.

Don't consume caffeinated drinks close to bedtime. If you're thirsty, try grabbing

water, milk or sleepy time tea.

3. Get Moving.

Get in some moderate exercise! this will include any physical activity that

elevates your heart rate to 50 to 60% above its resting level. Even taking a walk

a few times a day for 15 mins can help shake the stress off your nervous system!

It's also good immunity booster!

4. Drown out the noise.

Do yourself a favor. Get a pair of ear buds or headphones and use them often.

Listen to something that puts you at ease, or at least something that will take

your mind in a new direction. Maybe this will be classical music, an audio book

or even a podcast. I find that I get a lot of house work done when I am listening

to a podcast.

5. Think positive.

Maintaining a positive attitude is sometimes easier said than done, but

according to studies, people who have a positive attitude often have a greater

ability to deal with stress. Try to reframe your attitude and push away negative


6. Lighten up.

Laughter can lower stress, decrease anxiety and reduce depression. How you

may ask...according to studies, laughter can relieve both physical and emotional

tension by knocking out stress hormones and releasing pleasure producing

endorphins. So make humor a staple in your life!

7. Just breathe.

Breathing exercises, yoga, mediation and mindfulness can calm our minds and

our bodies.

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