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Super Spinach!

I can hear tons of you now saying things like "Nope! I don't eat green foods", or "Spinach is soooo gross".... but I am here to tell you to relax and think outside the box :)

As kids, most of us grew up with the same feeling, spinach is nasty! But it doesn't have to be. I don't know why, but as a child my spinach looked like a pile of gooey green leaves. As an adult I use spinach in many meals, and I make it look pretty and appealing. It's all in how you cook it. The way I will typically use spinach is in my Italian dishes to simply give the food a splash of color, or as a filler in my salads. Honestly, spinach is pretty bland so you can toss it in to just about anything and your meal will still taste awesome!!

Spinach is low calorie, very high in fiber and contains vitamin C, vitamin A and iron. And in the Medislim diet, spinach is considered a free item!! Meaning you can have as much as you'd like!! Ok, you may not be super excited about that, nor do I expect you all to immediately run out and buy up all the stock of spinach, but just remember to at least try it in a few meals here and there to see what you think. I really do think you'll be surprised!

*I have personally made the first 3 recipes I listed below, and they never disappoint with my family :) As for the last one, I will definitely be trying once I get more spinach!

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