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Why a Workout Buddy is a Valuable Weight Loss Ally

Working out alone is not always an exciting prospect. Though you may drag yourself to solo calorie-burning sessions at the gym to keep up the progress of your

diet and weight loss program in Crawfordsville, sweating it out with nothing but the treadmill for company is probably not your idea of an exciting afternoon.

Wouldn’t it be much better if you had the company of a good friend? If you find an exercise partner, you’ll have someone else along for the ride every time, and this can make your workouts both more rewarding and more fun.

Having a workout buddy can provide tons of benefits, including:

  1. Accountability. When you plan a workout with your partner, he or she will expect you to show up. You’ll find it a lot harder to skip your sessions when someone else is waiting.

  2. Entertainment. Exercise will fly by faster when you have someone there to chat with.

  3. Rivalry. Even if you and your buddy aren’t competitive types, exercising with someone else can provide a tacit kind of competition that helps both of you push harder.

The right workout buddy can come from just about anywhere, but it’s important to remember a few key factors as you start your search. You and your buddy should share similar exercise goals and be comparably fit to make the partnership worthwhile. You should also have compatible schedules and the ability to tell each other (in a friendly way) to work harder when slacking off.

Once you’ve found a good workout buddy, the two of you can do many things together that help you reach the goals of your diet and weight loss program. Though regular sessions at the gym can pay off for both of you, it may also be worth exploring things like:

  1. Exercise classes. Try signing up for a class in an activity both of you are interested in. You’ll learn something new and can practice your newfound skills outside of class as a duo.

  2. The great outdoors. If both of you are adventurous, try taking day trips to nearby parks on the weekends. Geocaching, hiking, trail running, cycling—there are countless ways to get fit with Mother Nature. Check out Shades State Park and Turkey Run State Park, which are not far southwest of Crawfordsville.

Finding an exercise partner can help you have fun and get more out of every workout. Has a workout buddy helped the progress of your diet and weight loss program in Crawfordsville? Tell us what you do together in the comments below!

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